Kids Gardening Our humble beginning

Kids Gardening:
My idea for “Kids Gardening” emerged through my own personal interaction with my daughter during the early years of my gardening exportations. With her Being home schooled until the age of  5 and always being in my company lead me to be a very influential person in my her life (at the age of 9 now you realise this gets more challenging lol ).

Kids Gardening
My daughter transplanting her very first Basil @kidsgardening with dgentlegardener

Gardening became a new and exciting venture for both of us. She initially copied everything I did, and at times she even took over.
Although my gardening skills was limited the more we started our own seeds, saw them sprouting or harvested something we grew ourselves out of the garden we grew ourselves  the greater our love and interest grew.Capturing her moments while gardening was not initially done with the idea of sharing it publicly, but mostly for my own  sense of amusement and documentation of her growth and development, it is something i’ve always done.  It also serves to boost her spirit on days she is less enthusiastic :-). My Blog or garden journal is a contribution of all we have achieved. I can only hope in our achievements serves as an inspiration to others. Being a stay home mom was a choice my family made and in the best interest of my daughter, it has been one of the best decisions of my life, for I know the time invested in her was well worth it. But we will leave this topic for a future post.

Never forget to give your child a compliment for any effort given, as it helps raise their self confidence and give that extra drive to keep trying. You might be amaze how little words can produce great results. Words such as ‘well done’, “good to go”, “i’m so proud of you”. I am no saying  lavish your child with false compliments or  just keep it real and honest and let them know there efforts are noted. It goes a long way.

Oh mummy I had enough already LOL

Thank you for visiting our blog. xoxodgg