Garden Winter sleep February ’17

Winter is not my most favourite time of the year, but as with everything in life it has its advantages, such as my garden getting to enjoy a nice “winter sleep”. This allows my soil to recover from a short but intensive growing season.

With most days being cold, wet and over shadowed by a grey sky, the thought of being outdoors is by far desirable. However whenever the sun chooses to grace us with its presence, I take the opportunity  to visit the garden checking up on existing plants (herbs) i’m over wintering or growing during the winter. In the picture above I was taking a look at my Onions and Garlic which were planted, mulch with straw in October-November of 2016. If you have the space these are two things worth planting for yourself. Very easy with little or no maintenance and so far they have both been pest free.

One of the most positive part of  winter is using this free time to focus or refocus on other aspects of my life I usually neglect during  my growing season . There are other some new elements which brings its own pleasures us as the beautiful array of sunrise while enjoying a hot cup of chocolate tea with some homemade oat meal cookies :-).

Self rooted sage, mulch with straw for the winter

For the first time this year I mulched my entire garden and what a blessing it has been, i’ll tell you more about this during our journey.

One of the things I miss most during winter, is the lovely array of colours flowing through my gardening.  However it does fill me with the optimism for the following gardening season to recreate and decorate the garden all over again. Feel free to browse through my pictures. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. <3  dgg xoxo