Breaking Chains

January 29, 2019  · (© 2019 Dgentlegardener – All rights reserved)
No Looking Back ©dgg

Be courageous enough to release yourself from the 
Imprisonment of peoples, thoughts ideas and opinions of you.
BREAK the bars of feeling insufficient, less than, incapable of….
SHUT OUT inadequacy of I can’t, be determine, rise above.
DIVE into every aspect of who you are, dream big but remain realistic.
BE DRIVEN by confidence “lose ego”. What goes up eventually comes down. “Stay humble”!
WAKEUP from the nightmare of your pass, it doesn’t define you!
PURGE yourself from the infectious thinking of negativity, let Positivity rule!.
ACCEPT the things you can’t change, change what you can keep walking.
**BELIEVE you are worthy of the best. Never settle.**
LET GOD take the lead in your life, then fly with FAITH, understanding if you persist, work hard enough give it your best, life would reward you. Now let’s go make a difference in the world! 

(Look ahead for there lies your dreams/your future/hope)  gentle