Sowing Green Peas 2020

On this day, the second part of my garden was plowed, beds were made and green peas was sowed. It was a beautiful day yet cold. Although it was sunny, the low Northern wind temperature made being outdoors a bit unpleasant. Once the temperature is between 5°c – 10°c it’s good for sow.

These shell peas known here as ‘groene erwten’, are best sown early spring. I usually show mines between late February to early March, as advise by the local farmers. Sticking with tradition usually leads to reaping a wonderful harvest, with little or no effort.

I always prefer sowing seeds in long vertical rows. It takes up less space, leaving me extra room to work with and makes it easier for harvesting.

Each day differ. The picture below is from 31st March, on a sunnier day. I have two methods of sowing these seeds. In groups of maximum 5 per hole, or in rows as seen in the picture above. My most preferably method is using the row technique.

Once the seeds are covered, the soil is then patted via my hands, any flat object or garden tool. This firms the soil around the seed and prevents shifting during watering or other wise. At times replacing the ground soil with ‘special seed starting soil’, helps stimulates faster germination. Strangely enough, it appears to help keep ants away.

Mesh wirer attached to poles are added as support for the growing peas. Such I prefer doing only after the seeds begins germinating. The visual of growth allows accuracy in placing the needed support. Seeing your seeds sprouting is always give pleasant feeling of accomplishmet.. 🙂

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*Disclaimer*. The aim of my blog is not to teach or open debates on how too. It’s more a documentation of my passion. If you learnt or felt inspired by visiting. That’s a good thing. ❤