Being a “loner” is the most beautiful journey you would undertake in the discovery of self.
As it helps you unearth hidden strengths and keeps you focus on developing your full potentials.
The term “loner” in this regard does not relates too feeling alone or lonely, but refers to a state to mind. Possessing the ability to “Think and Act” outside the stero-type box. Often doing or seeing things from a different perspective. They are rarely followers, but very likely to set their own trend.
Risk takers boldly challenging, what others deem impossible.
Open and embracing, yet withdrawn and reserved.
Although it feel like I’ve been a loner my entire life.
I long for the harmonious connecting with others of the same mind set.
– ยฉ ~dgentlegardener????~ 2020

????”Follow your soul, it knows the way”. ????