????Defying the Odds????

When everyone says no and my heart said yes, I follow my ‘own path’.
You see Defying the Odds isn’t about seeking approval or rebuking opposition,
It’s an intuitive response that leads you to trust your individual instinct.
That stubborn drive that pushes you to believe in your inner most ability to achieve.
An initiative courage which perpetuates faith regardless of the obstacles faced.
This heroic of bravery initiates optimism towards an unknown outcome,
leading you to remain firm to your truths, even when faced with annihilation or rejections.
When second guessed, let self worth revive lost confidence,
Your dreams are yours to fulfill to others it need not make sense.
In this world you often feel pressured to be some-one other than yourself.
during such demise remember how it leaves it victims broken, feelings lost, hopeless
and often depress.
Defy the odds by just being your best, place your dreams in Gods hands,
for such you’ll have no regrets,
Whatever He establishes would always remain blessed.
Sometimes the path feels lonely, but be assured angels are summon to guide
your every step.
Dreams become a reality the more you learn to believe in yourself!
~dgentlegardener????~ ©2020