~ ©2020~dgentlegardener????
????Draw nearer to me, pull me close.
Your presence, is like sweet essence,
ushering “SERENITY,” to my chaotic world.
Tender eyes piercing mines, mirroring souls,
a rare connection so divine.
Lost in the *SILIENT PURITY* of the heart, soul and mind.
Gentle hands never letting go, a heavenly touch,
brings peace and “CALMNESS”, to this “Lavender loving girl”.
????A royal purple standing out with “GRACE”, a “DEVOTION” irreplaceable
regardless of the challenges faced.
????Colour my life without “CAUTION”, hypnotise me with your smile,
because the closer you come the brighter I shine .
A sweet essence lingers even when we say our goodbyes.. 
????Thank your for the beautiful fragrance you leave behind.

*” Lavender flower is often used for healing and raising our vibration to the highest level possible. It is the easiest path to healing.While purple is the color of royalty, lavender is femininity “all grown up”. 

Represents *Serenity *Silence *Purity *Grace *Calmness *Devotion *Caution, refinement and elegance.

May these beautiful fragrance fill your life as it’s the moment lavenders comes to life. Have a wonderful Sunday ???? gentle ????????????????