Seeds Sorting 2021

Around this time I usually begin organising and sowing seeds indoors. Todays task was sorting and labelling seeds collected from last season.

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Some of my 2020 self saved seeds collection

Although the grey sky, cold, wet, misty days makes me feel like hibernating. Ironically, I find myself desperately counting the days to spring. Longing to be outdoors and caressed by natures soothing touch of freedom. This was today weather .

Light snow fall.

I love the idea of collecting seeds from plant’s I’ve grown, but it can be time consuming. Mainly due to not being very good at storing them immediately. But I’m working on finding the right balance.

Getting ready to sort seeds, In this pic-Sunflower, Zinna, Poppy, marigold and more.

I collect a wide range of seeds from plants grown. Flowers, herbs and some vegetables. Actually, anything that seeds in my garden I try to collect and save. However, I do find saving seeds from certain vegetables difficult due to the short growing season. This remains a priority on my “to accomplish list”.

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