The gift of Love πŸƒβ€οΈπŸƒπŸ¦‹

~Dgentlegardener Β©2008~ 
“Lets Talk about LOVE” β€ (Garden of Love)
Usually expressed romantically or embraced through friendship, but this reality remains.
If we fail to attain its “true definition” the reoccurring failure of executing it rightly becomes imminent!
So here’s what I’ve learnt so far :-

πŸ’“ God is Love, so to give or receive love truthfully an acknowledgment of God must be present in ones life. “Wether we accept this or not”!!!
πŸ’“ Love is the one language we should speak harmoniously!
πŸ’“ Where love exist being kind and caring becomes a priority.
πŸ’“ It makes us “stronger” against the the contrary “not weak”!
πŸ’“ Should be freely offered and never FORCED!
πŸ’“ Love fills us with the capacity to give selflessly, allowing us to put
the needs of others above our own, mindlessly.
πŸ’“ It honours, respects & uplifts, patient and always willing to forgive.
πŸ’“ Love is knowing the worst about others, yet having the ability to see the best by looking beyond!
πŸ’“ It is “not blind”, but concentrate on whats” good” and “promising”.
πŸ’“ Does not linger on the pass but focus on the future.
πŸ’“ Those we love may not always love us back in the same capacity, but love “limits” expectations.Β 
πŸ’“ It sustains.
πŸ’“ Hurt people hurt people “NOT LOVE”!
When we learn to apply these simple love principles the”Gift of Love” becomes our treasure to keep. Keep our hearts uplifted and helps our soul find peace.

An area in which I am still being “schooled”πŸ’“πŸŒΉπŸ¦‹πŸ’“