About Me

I am “NOT A GARDEN EXPERT”  just a stay home mom who began exploring the world of gardening as a way of occupying my free time. Being blessed with both time and space I embarked on my gardening journey in 2013, learning mostly through pure instinct and on a trail /error bases with the Internet as my major source for gathering information. It quickly grew from just being my hobby to becoming one of my greatest passions.

dgentlegardener gardening Journey
Before there was a garden 2013 @dgentlegardener
Dgentlegardener Garden Hobby passion
Me during my first years of gardening Journey @dgentlegardener
Some of my other passions are:
Working with kids has always been a life long dream of mines, a dream I still chase @dgentlegardener

Anything which harbours or inspires a positive pursuance in developing and preserving nature, in addition to this working along with children and the less fortunates.

My future ambition is finding ways of  incorporating and combining all three of these elements. So far both my daughter and gardening has been schooling me along such paths.  I hope to continue my growth in humility, grace, understanding, patience, love, wisdom and knowledge, and be a useful  and positive instrument in the life of others. Whether it is working along the lines of gardening, with kids or just being me. ​

visit to a local school in Tanzania I love children because their hearts are still pure. @dgentlegardener

My garden name “Dgentle Gardener” was given to me by a very nice young man name Adam Peacok during my early Facebook days. I originally called myself “Mrs. Gardener Tielt” which represented the area I lived in. However he was of the opinion that I did not look like a Mrs. Gardener Tielt” but rather a gentlegardener. From that day forward i’ve been known as “dgentlegardener” or “dgg”.

For every door that opens provides and opportunity for great things to happen. So if you take the time to open the door of my blog/life and participate in my garden journal, welcome enjoy my gardening journey and  may we continue to grow together. dgg xoxo​