For a long time I allowed my life and decisions to be driven and control by “the fear of”.
This ‘fear of” notion lead me down many unfortunate paths, made me face uncountable disappointments, worst of all cause me to lose sight of “me” and who I dreamt of being.

How I felt each day became depended on those surrounding me, and my environment.
Looking into my future mirrored many dissatisfactions.
Fear crippled me into become just the typed of person I never wanted to be.
Then it left me feeling lost, and incomplete!
It was only during “my walk of silence” away from the noisy paths, with a pray in my heart, I got the strength to face my fears.
For was then I realised my “fears” were just allowing me to embrace my weakness.
Teaching me to discover my strengths.
Now i’m no longer fearful because “fear” actually helps me grow!
written by dgg xoxo