🦋✨My Journey✨🦋

Why Create a blog?
The idea of creating my own space and becoming more versatile has long dawned upon me. My appreciation for depths, calm, creativity, expression and realism inspires me to have a platform, which fosters ‘authenticity’. My ambition is neither to fit in or stand out. Just to do what I love, embrace what brings me joy, and being that which ‘God’ requires.

“Be so rooted in you that nobody’s absence or presence can disturb your inner peace.” unknown

How I Got my name!
The “Dgentle Gardener” was a recommendation by one of my earlier: Facebook followers  “Adam Peacook”, back in 2013. He was of the opinion that I held the likeness of a “gentle gardener”. It has since been a key factor in perpetuating my gardening identity. Although we lost contact our encounter reminds me of that “we meet people for different reasons!.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”. Albert Camus

My success in gardening has to do with a combining effort of doing what I love with passion and blessings. I began gardening on the spontaneous idea of ‘desiring’ to produce my own healthy vegetables. Lacking knowledge did not defer my passion to pursue. In considering 8 years of achievements, passion appears to have helped in the development of knowledge. 😉

One of my early moments in the garden????

My attachment to butterflies stems from their meaningful representation of transformation. The manner in which they evolve from complexity into beauty and are able to ‘stand out’ amidst their quiet existence. Their cycle is a beautiful example of patience, perseverance and humility, all of which lead to rewarding outcomes.

Butterflies are a beautiful representation of spiritual rebirth, transformation, change and hope ...
Garden picture 2020

The Impact!
Appreciating self-worth and choosing to remain true to my identity and beliefs has met its challenges. However, the more time spent in nature tending to my garden, the greater the conquest to conserve “individuality” heightens. Its quiet aura awakens the importance of attentive listening. There’s a drive to seek inwardly for that deeper connection with inner peace. Its calm oasis leads my mind into a natural state of prayerful meditation. Furthermore, the wisdom attained by becoming spiritually grounded erects the conviction to denounce ‘anything’ that compromises or devalues “self-worth”, “beliefs” and “truths”.

The more you nourish the life of others through love, the more your own soul becomes fertile with happiness

In learning to embrace everything in life as lessons, you become morally and intellectually richer. Life on its own is a school in which our experiences teach us, even our mistakes. Never be reluctant to learn, or proud to accept correction. This is how we reach our full potential called “GROWTH”!

Nurturing my daughters’ growth has been one of my richest blessings.

Working in the garden comes with many elevating benefits. It helps in improving my general outlook on life and continues to teach me many priceless lessons. Like “there is a quiet strength in humility.” 

I don’t want to waist my time trying to fight for what’s not mines”, I don’t want to lose myself in someone elses dreams”.

After much diversions, contemplation, and pray I am taking this step of “Faith”. My only desire is that it serves to uplift and inspire anyone who joins me here.

Music speaks where words fall short.