Kingdom Child

To choose for God is to be willing to lose the world.
But losing the world for choosing God would be your greatest blessing and highest honor!
It means God is removing you from the ‘superficials’ and preparing you to be a “Kingdom Child”.
Being anointed as a Kingdom child means He’s entrusting you with the mission of winning Kingdom souls. 
He never promised the journey would be easy. But that it would be worth it!

When faced with ‘earthly hell’. I rejoice in the glory of heavenly thoughts.
You see earth’s hell has no authority over a ‘Kingdom bond Child’.
Behaving as a victor, especially during your worst battles makes you an overcomer!

Don’t live in offense, fear, or doubt. Rather rejoice in the celebration of the unseen victories yet to come!

Claim it and do so boldly through faith!
Because we are promised.
*With God ALL things are possible!
*He will never leave us nor forsake us!
*No weapons formed against us shall prosper.
*Cause the battle is not ours it’s Gods.
*And ALL things work for good for those who love God and are called unto His purpose.