Silent Warriors

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© ~dgentlegardener~ 2023
True warriors are those who
turn foes into friends by using
weapons of (peace) and (love) profusely.
Offering friendly smiles and outstretched
hands even to those who consider 
themselves their enemy.
The highs and lows are usually (lonely
paths) yet Against the odds, 
with faith, they face each battle fearlessly.
Never quitting until their mission of
restoring hope to the wounded is achieved.
Giving up is never an option.
Once the mission is successfully completed, 
like silent angels, they fold their wounded 
wings and quietly retreat.
Their heroic strides never go unrewarded, 
since on the front line of Mercy’s battlefield, 
they are blessed with the merit of grace🎖.
It is through the selfless combat of showing 
other wounded comrades how to survive
life-inflicted wounds, that these brave warriors rehabilitate their own injuries. 
*It’s a reminder that the good you do comes back to you, in the least unexpected way.

On the front line of life’s struggles prayer 🙏🏽 , faith, love, and peace are unbeatable weapons🗡️

Note-Everything is almost 2 months behind but I’m still pushing forward. (Sweet potatoes🍠) ⚡️Details soon