Blind Trust

When God chose David, before he received what was promised to Him,
he had to endure loss, separation, loneliness, hardship, and isolation. 
His ‘faith’ was tested to the limit. 
Yet his recurring confidence in God’s justice and ability to deliver and restore brought him ‘peace’, and give him the ‘courage’ needed to remain steadfast on his path “against the odds”!.
Therefore when I suffer any of the above.
I’m learning to rejoice! 
Because I know I’m closer to God fulfilling ‘His promises for me.

*’Spiritual enlightenment opens you to the realization, that what lies ahead ‘far proceed’ your present situation and misfortunes.
It’s why I no longer ‘waste time’ pondering mishaps or counting misfortunes. I look up and keep moving forward.
✨The maturity of faith is learning to trust blindly

*I trust the voice within and only that! Have a blessed Sunday.