Defying the Odds

To me, defying the Odds isn’t about proving your abilities, or rebuking opposition.
It simply means doing what you have to do. To get to where you need to be.
‘Against the odds”. Sometimes it requires doing things that are considered unpopular.
It’s an intuitive response that leads you to trust your gut instinct and a stubborn drive that pushes you to achieve beyond expectations.
Allowing faith to induce the fearless attributes of persistence, which relentlessly breaches the barriers of doubt.

The heroic bravery to think outside the box or do things differently,
usually stirs conflict and often leaves you feeling like an outcast.
Yet you must continue believing in your path, in your capabilities.
Realization of self-worth revives and boosts lost confidence,
invigorating you to remain in pursuit of your goals regardless of what you are up against.

In this world, you’ll often feel pressured to be someone you’re not!
Don’t become submissive to its Prejudical vehement.
Never submit to the demise of trading your authenticity for the sake of fitting in,
or for the temporary pleasures of acceptance.

At times the only person who can see your worth is you and that’s ok.
The path to success is usually lonely.
These moments of isolation are sometimes needed to build strength and character.
Dreams become a reality the more you learn to believe in yourself!

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