My paradise- Before transformation

My paradise- Before transformation 4 July 2012.

I always had the desire to live in a rural area in harmony with nature. Away from the noisy busy lifestyle. However, I never imagined starting gardening, much less growing my own vegetables. The transformation process over the years has been quite adventurous. (To view pictures only click on the image and slide)

The top right-hand corner shows my Garden space on 4th July 2012 and my bundle of joy helping out.

Pictures of my first greenhouse in October of 2012. I believe my entire life has been about faith. Here I was setting up a greenhouse and preparing my garden space, while I had absolutely no experience in gardening lol. Maybe that’s what they call taking a😉. #leapoffaith

Mapping out my garden space
The first time my garden got plowed

It only got better from here. Stay tuned to see more of my journey if it interests you.