Life’s Mission🐛🦋

You Owe “No One” an explanation for the decisions you make!

Whatever you do in life do it with a sense of purpose, with feelings.
*Have a mission. Set meaningful and realistic goals
*Observe your environment and learn from it,
*Eliminate unnecessary things. Anything which obstructs or diverts you from your purpose or hinders your growth “must go”.
*Be steady and firm with your ideas and beliefs.
*Identify who you are, know your worth and this is not based on “anyone’s opinion’.

*Remind yourself that it does not matter who believes
in your dreams if you do!!!!! and well you know me by
now” Pray” 

Good things take time and usually require dedication and hard work. If you stick to “your path to your truth!” you will achieve. That’s how this caterpillar became a butterfly.

© ~dgentlegardener~ 🦋 March 18, 2018