Beginners Greenhouse Experience

My first greenhouse

Never had I imagined myself gardening much less being an owner of a greenhouse.
It was indeed a new adventure and one I was pretty excited about. Me getting a greenhouse can be compared to giving candy to a child for the first time haha. It was the start of doing my own seeds and experimenting with plants.

This was my first cauliflower and a proud smile🙂
From right to left Winter Spinach, salad, and cauliflower
Haha, I’m always playing around. It keeps life stressed free😋

The pictures below reveal some results from my first attempt at sowing seeds and starting crops in my greenhouse. I was super excited to have this kind of result since I had no experience and very little knowledge about gardening👩🏾‍🌾.
(click the picture to open the full view). I’ll probably add more pictures as I go through my library. Enjoy😊

My seed-sprouting cocktail. Pumpkin, cabbages, herbs, beetroot tomatoes, etc.


Carrots, celery, salads, spinach and more

Having this kind of result after my first attempt was what inspired me to keep going.

Collecting my first strawberry plants with my little lady👩‍👧🍓. As we journey along I will share more about how I raised my daughter being a stay home mom.

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