Peace Be Still


Practicing the discipline of quieting our mind and regularly retaining’ a state of reflection.
Helps in keeping your mind free from the imprisonment of ‘overthinking and stress’.
The rehabilitating elements of nature and stillness, have the power to:-
🕊Reform our minds to think clearly and seek positive outcomes.
🕊Teaches us patience which minimizes anxiety.
🕊It realigns our perception to accept change.
🕊Elevate our life from a state of chaos to tranquility, through its calm.
🕊And open us to greater awareness of gratitude and appreciation.

The truth is;
If our ‘minds’ are constantly at war. Hostage to overthinking, and regularly sabotaged by the unprofitable merits of worrying. It becomes impossible to feel peaceful, to think clearly, or to act reasonably.

* It’s good practice to ‘quiet the mind’ and listen to the song of your soul????.
Thank you for taking the time to read.

©~dgentlegardener🦋~ 2021