She’s Like The Wind

©~dgentlegardener~ 2021
She’s like the wind, gliding through life, to and fro.
Along the path, she touches the earth, with the gentleness of her soul.
Blowing with tenderness faith. hope and love wherever she goes.
Sometimes she’s wild and free, and on others calm and reserved.
Yet it’s her harmonizing stride with nature, that remains most admirable.
Revealing its beauty and ability to quiet life’s storms.
A place of tranquility, with offerings of peace, and quiet reform.Where prayer flows freely to the mercy of heaven’s doors.
Like the wind is always felt, but cannot be seen.
The sovereignty of her love can be felt, but the content of her soul and direction remains an alluring mystery. ????
*The wind whispers secrets to the soul in its own incomprehensible language. She’s like the wind…????????????????gentle🦋