The Calling🕊

I’ll stand with you through the highs and lows.
Faith calls us to believe; even while the outcome of our destiny
remains unknown.
When the unexpected occurs and with the present reality,
your find yourself struggling to cope,
I’ll stand with you through the unbearable.
There are things we’ve lost that will always be irreplaceable,
yet through suffering we find what’s rare and beautiful.
Pain is real but so is “Hope”.
A reminder that God has the power to work “all things for our good”.
In this transition from pain to healing, there’s no giving up.
For the ‘unanswered’ in the wisdom of pray we’ll continue to trust,
so ‘no regrets’, just believe, every experience holds a greater purpose.
As I stand with you, let me take this time to
thank you for standing with me too.
© ~dgentlegardener~ 2021