Wings in the wind🔥🦅🔥🦋

(The Climb)

In order to “Rise Above” and overcome the mountainous stride against life’s odds. 
You MUST succeed in using the pinnacle of Prayer to lift you when swayed by life’s storms “
Trusting” in the “better” of ‘the unknown’ through faith.
‘Faith’ is like moving steadfastly toward a destination longed for, without a road map. 
In other words, like living out a reality that does not yet exist. 
Little do we realize ‘Prayer’ is the fierce wind that initiates the wings of faith to move into action.
Pushing back the pressures of life’s mishaps and disappointments.
Helping us advance at an accelerating pace fearlessly!

Footnote:- That’s pretty much how I approach my garden year and life. I wish you *wings of faith.🦅

©~dgentlegardener🦋~ 2021